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WellHey Productions’
Warehouse of Oddities

WellHey Productions (WHP) was founded by Old Man Murphy in 1995. While attending college, Murphy thought it more professional if he labelled all of his film projects as a single entity and set a name for himself. Since then, Murphy has been striving to find that one niche where he can continue his almost viral tendencies of creativity laced with insanity.

In 2012, WHP launched its official YouTube Channel and slowly climbed the popularity ladder. Murphy has had great success with videos, livestreams and live-action appearances and his fan base continues to grow.  

His style is not like that of classic horror, such as Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee. His style is more of a fatherly figure, relating a tale passed down from generation to generation, and imparting it all upon you, the audience, so that you may pass it on to your children, and your children’s children.

WHP’s Warehouse of Oddities

What can you expect from The Warehouse? The Bizarre, the Grotesque, the fantastic, the impossible and the horrific. The Warehouse of Oddities is a repository of all sorts of tales, ranging from the classics such as: Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, to more modern tales of curiosity and intrigue; such as The Holders’ Series or The SCP Foundation.

Each tour of the warehouse you take you on a journey into the realm of the the unknown, which is why we always ask you to please keep your arms and legs and tails and tentacles and heads inside the car at all times.  We wouldn’t want any part of you lost to the eternal void just beyond the main gates.

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