The Monster Guys

The Monster Guys:
Welcome To The Red Table

The Monster Guys are
D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon, the humorous father / son duo, best-selling authors, and hosts of The Monster Guys Podcast, the Faerie Tales Podcast, and the Yokai Podcast. Their writing has inspired an Advocacy Project to support libraries across the country, and their voices serve the voiceless addressing issues such as bullying and child literacy.

D.C. & Michael are consistently hired out to do voice-acting for themselves, and are known to infiltrate their neighbors’ back yards and local parks in search of terrifying monsters in order to protect innocent civilians.

Neither D.C. nor Michael have ever actually caught a terrifying monster, but people regularly smile at them and thank them for their efforts. When The Monster Guys are not writing, hunting monsters, or voice-acting for themselves, they are traveling to exciting conventions, schools, and libraries to speak about their adventures and meet new friends.

New shows for 2018 include “Welcome To The Red Table” where The Monster Guys share insight and analysis for all things horror; and “Carnival Street“, an anthology of stories bringing to life an alternative and terrifying view of the world based on the short stories found in their “KAOS” dark fiction series of books.

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