Mr. Black Pasta

Mr. Black Pasta
Mr. Black’s Kreepy Kastle

Born in 1985, Mr. Black hails from Jonesboro, Arkansas but has kept residence in Ireland for the past 12 years. Mr. Black is a professional musician, gigging with an acoustic guitar, kick drum and a vocal mic.
In the the summer of 2016 he stumbled upon the narration scene by chance and by December of 2016 had released his first story on his channel on YouTube. In 6 months Mr. Black has worked with Rob Dyke, Unit #522, Let’s Read, MrCreepyPasta and more.
He has a unique style in the community delivering acted audio scenes to project his narrations which are surrounded by a mixed cloud of eerie story specific musical scores, coupled with fx. Mr. Black Pasta wants to add his flavour to the walls of the online narration community by combining horror story adaptations and imagination stimulating visuals.
Mr. Black believes in freedom and community.
Raw, in-sync, remixed, and resurrected, welcome to Mr. Black Pasta’s Kreepy Realm.
We are Survivors.
We are One.





Mr. Black Pasta’s Theme Song
We Are Coming For You

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