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Auntie Creeps – Hostess
Auntie’s Cottage
Auntie Creeps

Auntie Creeps is a sweet, middle-aged lady who fell in love with an adorable cottage that sat in the middle of a forest.  Upon moving in, she realized too late that the forest around her cottage is extremely haunted.  There are ghosts, demons, werewolves, vampires, zombies, and every kind of horrifying monster imaginable, even the human kind, the psychopaths.

One of the ghosts was friendly, communicating with Auntie over the internet. He told her that the others in the forest wouldn’t harm her or bother her as long as she listened to their whispers outside her window and told their stories to the world, through YouTube, and now on SCRM.  The purpose of this is to spread the fear…cause nightmares, and the things in her forest will grow stronger by feeding off your fears.

Auntie means no harm to anyone, but her own dark side loves to tell these stories, reasoning that nightmares can’t really hurt anybody.

It’s perfectly safe to visit Auntie’s cottage; either to listen to a story or to help her tell a story.  But the stories must be told.  Her life and her sanity depend on it.