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Our Haunted Shows

Current Shows and Programs

DJ Mistress Macabre – https://www.scrmradio.com/dj-mistress-macabre/
Mistress M’s Maniacal Menagerie

Beef, Wine and Shenanigans Crew – https://www.scrmradio.com/beef-wine-and-shenanigans-crew/
Beef, Wine and Shenanigans – Podcast

Auntie Creeps – https://www.scrmradio.com/auntie-creeps/
Auntie’s Cottage

Kallisti – https://www.scrmradio.com/kallisti/
Kallisti’s Bough

Tra Cee – https://www.scrmradio.com/tra-cee/
Films of Fears
Eerie Exclusives

Isaac R. Thornehttps://www.scrmradio.com/isaac-r-thorne/
Thorne’s Theater of Terror

Rev. Hagen – https://www.scrmradio.com/rev-hagen/
Off The Beaten Path

Mr. Black Pasta – https://www.scrmradio.com/mr-black-pasta/
Mr. Black’s Kreepy Kastle

Manimal https://www.scrmradio.com/manimal/
A Moment With Manimal

Mr. CreepyPasta – https://www.scrmradio.com/mr-creepypasta/
Creepypasta Storytime

Immunity Zero – https://www.scrmradio.com/immunity-zero/
Collection: Zero

The Angry Toads – https://www.scrmradio.com/the-angry-toads/

Who Are We?


SCRM Radio is a new kind of radio station. We feature 24/7/365 horror themed programming – streamed to satisfy the ghoul in you.

The type of programming you will find here is:

Horror Shorts – read by the authors themselves!

Short horror plays – hearkening back to the days old when the families used to gather around the radio to listen to such dramas as The War Of The Worlds

Paranormal Shows and podcasts

Horror News and Interviews

… and much more!


Have questions? Looking for advertising opportunities? Want to submit material to be on our haunted airwaves? Use the form below to scream at…er…contact us!