Manimal (As “It” Likes To Be Called)
A Moment With Manimal


“It” was born in the desert heat during a violent thunderstorm and started to become what we were to become.

With “its” first breath of life in this dimension,  “it'”was not at all pleased with where “it” found itself and began shaping a new reality.

“It” writes and says what runs screaming from the halls of our minds. Horror is a place “it” went to as a child to play with things forbidden and safe to fear, without the real dangers of real life and it has never left “its” heart.

“It” now lives in the great Rocky Mountains and has fabricated two fine humans in collaboration with the finest human “it” knows, “its” wife of 32 years.

Hobbies include fishing, hunting, camping, walks in the deep forest with “its” wife and maintaining a proper human exhibit in the cage chamber, where “it” collects ones “it” likes. It’s a lot of work but it is rewarding……