Our Haunted Shows

Current Shows and Programs

DJ Mistress Macabre – http://www.scrmradio.com/dj-mistress-macabre/
Mistress M’s Maniacal Menagerie

Beef, Wine and Shenanigans Crew – http://www.scrmradio.com/beef-wine-and-shenanigans-crew/
Beef, Wine and Shenanigans – Podcast

Auntie Creeps – http://www.scrmradio.com/auntie-creeps/
Auntie’s Cottage

Kallisti – http://www.scrmradio.com/kallisti/
Kallisti’s Bough

Tra Cee – http://www.scrmradio.com/tra-cee/
Films of Fears
Eerie Exclusives

Isaac R. Thornehttp://www.scrmradio.com/isaac-r-thorne/
Thorne’s Theater of Terror

Rev. Hagen – http://www.scrmradio.com/rev-hagen/
Off The Beaten Path

Mr. Black Pasta – http://www.scrmradio.com/mr-black-pasta/
Mr. Black’s Kreepy Kastle

Manimal http://www.scrmradio.com/manimal/
A Moment With Manimal

Mr. CreepyPasta – http://www.scrmradio.com/mr-creepypasta/
Creepypasta Storytime

Immunity Zero – http://www.scrmradio.com/immunity-zero/
Collection: Zero

The Angry Toads – http://www.scrmradio.com/the-angry-toads/