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Steven Van Patten

Steven Van Patten

Steven Van Patten is a celebrated writer and Brooklyn native. He spends most of his time stage managing television shows when he’s not writing horror stories. His TV work includes various MTV, VH-1 and FUSE shows over the years as well as The Nightly Show w/ Larry Wilmore and and filling in at The View. He has penned four novels—The Brookwater’s Curse trilogy, which is about an 1860s Georgia plantation slave who becomes a vampire, and Killer Genius: She Kills Because She Cares, which features a hyper intelligent black woman who becomes a serial killer with a unique socio-political agenda. He’s also developing a children’s book series based on the childhood of the human son of vampire Christian Brookwater, the main character in the Brookwater’s Curse series. Steven, or SVP can be easily found on Facebook and under @svpthinks on Twitter and Instagram.

His works:


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Marc Abott

Marc L Abbott is a novelist, playwright, short film director and storyteller. His written works include A Gamble of Faith, The Hooky Party and The Dead Syndicate. His short horror film, Snap, was an official selection at the 2015  Coney Island Film Festival. He is a Moth StorySlam and GrandSlam winner and has been a featured storyteller at Tell It: Brooklyn, The Dump, What Are You Afraid of, Barbershop Stories and BadyHOUSE Storytelling Concert Series. He currently has a one man show out called Of Cats and Men: A Storytellers Journey which will be at Unicorn on August 12th located at 105 Henry Street, NYC. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he still calls the borough his home. Visit his website for more on his work and future appearances.


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Kirk A. Johnson

Born in Trinidad in 1971, he credits his love for fantasy (particularly Sword & Sorcery and Heroic Fantasy) from watching old movies with his dad at a very young age. The very first novel he read was the Hobbit at age 8, as well as becoming an avid fan of Conan the Barbarian Marvel comic series.

In 1989 he attended New York City Tech majoring in Liberal Arts and in 1993 transferred to Brooklyn College to major in Film Production.

In 2005, he began writing his own fantasy adventure short stories based on the years he spent enjoying and learning the genre. In 2014, he sold his first short story to MVmedia LLC for it’s first anthology Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology. He is still writing short stories and is now working on his first adventure novel set described as a Sword and Sorcery adventure.


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Taran Lopez

Bio: When not cosplaying, fighting with lightsabers, or geeking out over movies, tv shows or video games, Taran lives as a freelance illustrator and animator in Brooklyn, NY.

Born in Staten Island (DONT JUDGE!), she’s been a New Yorker all her life and graduated from Parson’s School of Design where she honed her Art-fu before being unleashed onto the world!

Feel free to check out more of her work at



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